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'''Anna Botsford Comstock''' (September 1, 1854 – August 24, 1930), was an American artist, educator, conservation movement|conservationist, and a leader of the nature study movement, born in Otto, New York, to Marvin and Phebe Irish Botsford. Comstock grew up on her parents' farm, where she and her Quaker mother spent time together examining the wildflowers, birds, and trees. Comstock attended the Chamberlain Institute and Female College, a Methodist school in Randolph (town), New York|Randolph, New York, then she returned to Otto and taught for a year. In 1874, Comstock entered Cornell University in Ithaca, New York where she was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. She left Cornell after two years. In 1878, at the age of 24, she married John Henry Comstock, a young entomologist on the Cornell faculty who got her interested in insect illustration.
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